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Garage Sales

Have you ever had a garage sale? I have had a few in my day and every time I have one I tell myself this is my last one.  But during the year I start to collect things that I … Continue reading

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As a little girl I use to love to color.  It may have been the influence of my mom who was an artist.  My mom’s artistic gene never made it to me, both my older sisters got it though.   Coloring for … Continue reading

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Living Life

I have a quick story to tell you.  I was sitting at the kitchen table with my youngest son the other day.  We were talking about school and life in general. The best time to get the most information from … Continue reading

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Outstanding Teacher

Do you remember a teacher that impacted your life the most?  One that you were inspired by?  One that took you under their wing and guided you? A teacher you will never forget! Several months ago, I received an email … Continue reading

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Taking a Walk

I took a walk today with an old friend.  I have known her for about 12 years.  We occasionally get together and take a walk. This time I brought my puppy, Lucy with us.  I really needed the walk today.  Didn’t have a … Continue reading

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Bacon, Pancakes, and Eggs

Why is it that Saturday mornings are the hardest for me to roll out of bed?  I think it is because every other day of the week we have school, work or church and I have a reason that makes … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Surprise

A few weeks ago, a friend I know challenged those who read her blog and like to be critical of her life to try and put their stories out there.  It got me thinking. I had never thought about writing my own … Continue reading

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