Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Have you ever had a garage sale? I have had a few in my day and every time I have one I tell myself this is my last one.  But during the year I start to collect things that I see around the house that we don’t use anymore. I use a tote and label it garage sale and the cycle starts again. By the time warm weather comes I have several totes filled with all kinds of stuff.

Then I have to pull everything out and sort and price it all.  It is such a big job. Last weekend a friend and I had decided to have a garage sale.  She posted it and put it in the newspaper.  All I had to do was be ready.  Honestly, I wasn’t ready at all.  I didn’t have my mojo ready for all the work it takes.  The weather in the Northeast hasn’t been dry in weeks, it has been dark, cloudy, rainy and not very motivational to do anything. So I was actually really happy when the entire weekend was a wash out.  I didn’t have it but my friend did.

So today we decided to do it again. Last week’s weather forecast said rain again for today but this time I was prepared.  My husband created this makeshift tent just in case.  I can report not a drop of rain fell all day.  And there were moments when I had a number of people show up.  Many just browse while others pick up one or two things.

The day was not a complete waste because in between my customers I was able to plant a number of flowers that I had purchased.  And I was even able to work on a pile of dirt that my husband has been using to fill in our sewer project on the side of the house.  So I felt like I was at least productive with my time.

Garage sales are interesting because of the people that show up.  I love to meet different people and see if they want to engage.  Some just say hi and continue to look around, while others make eye contact and strike up conversations.  Usually you talk about the weather and they leave.

But today I had an unexpected customer who I so enjoyed talking with.  She was the only customer for a while so we got to talking.  When she walked up she apologized for not getting to my house sooner.  At first I was concerned because she was older and I thought she might be confused about where she was. She acted like I was expecting her.  She then told me that she ended up in the doctor’s office unexpectedly because she cut her hand and had to get 10 stitches.

As she started to walk around my tables I learned very quickly that she was full of spunk. She in no way acted her age.  She had a great sense of humor.  By the end of our conversation I learned all of this,  she is 90 years old. She didn’t look 90 at all.   She lives alone in an apartment but she is moving into a senior living apartment this year.  She is going to sell all her furniture because those new apartments are small and her furniture won’t fit. So she will buy new stuff.  Her nieces don’t want any of her stuff.  So she will be having a garage sale this summer too.

When she married her husband she had to marry him in the rectory because he wasn’t Catholic. This was back in 1952.  He died in 1994.  Years later she found out that the priest who wouldn’t marry her from the church she grew up in had had an affair with his cleaning lady at the rectory and that they had had a child. But the woman hadn’t told her husband that he wasn’t the father.  So years later after the priest retired he then married this women.  The son won’t have anything to do with him or her after finding out.  She and her husband bumped into them at a mall and she gave him a piece of her mind about not marrying them in the church and having double standards.

She has had strokes, heart attacks, seizures, etc over the years.  She has a daughter who is a lawyer married to a lawyer in NYC.  She and her doctor have this love hate relationship.  She sat and waited 4 hours to get her hand stitched up because he had other patients ahead of her.  But she was fine with that.  She knew the rules.  She even fell asleep waiting for him.   She thinks life is much harder today then years ago.  She is not a fan of Trump. She had a number of things to say about him.  She says she sleeps a lot and reads. But when she sits down with her hot tea and a book she ends up waking up a couple hours later with cold tea and she gets mad at herself for not reading her book.

As I walked her to her car (I wanted to make sure she got there safely) we continued our conversation.  I felt as though I had known her all my life.  She had an amazing personality and I would have enjoyed talking to her for hours more. I am sure she had many more interesting stories about her life to share.  She was intelligent, sharp, and fun to be with.

And the weird thing is she had the same last name as I do.

So this time you won’t hear me saying I am not going to have another garage sale ever again.  I kind of hope she will stop over again.  I would love to hear more.

I hope you had a small moment in your day that made it just a little bit brighter, a little bit more interesting, etc.  Thanks for reading about my day.


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Life seems to be moving at incredible speed! It's hard some times to pause and appreciate the small moments in life but honestly they are the most precious ones.
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