Kindness… Love…

Red heart in hand

Kindness… Love..

Sometimes it is hard to see kindness and love in a world that is changing before our eyes.  I don’t watch a lot of television but I do see the news on the internet through some media outlets.  The stories are scary, they are all around us, and at times I don’t recognize our world anymore.  I worry about the world my children are growing up in and what my future grandchildren will have to be a part of years down the road.

My blog today is not about the hatred and violence that we see in our world but kindness and love which I believe each and everyone of us has to work harder on so that we can overpower what we are experiencing in our world today.

The other day I was talking to my 10 year old about his friend of about four years.   At 10, having a friend for four years means something because that is almost half of his lifetime.  On top of that his best friend is a girl. I asked him what he likes most about his friend.  His reply, simple but extremely meaningful, “She is the kindest person I know.” I dug a little deeper, what makes her so kind, I asked? She is always doing nice things, she is sweet.  I looked over at my son and felt so proud of him.  One because he is only 10 and he has the ability to see kindness in a world that isn’t always kind.  Two, he is a 10 year old boy – that in itself is impressive to take the time and acknowledge kindness in his friend.

I was talking to my friend who happens to be this little girl’s mom about the two of them.  Apparently, they have been texting each other.  The little girl texted that she loved my son.  What I found out later..  surprised but delighted me.

I was talking again to my 10 year old after school one day.  He told me that his friend (girl) texted that she loved him.  Now I don’t know what I would have said had I not known about it a head of time.  I acted nonchalant and said, Oh, really – what did you say to her?”  He looked at me sheepishly and said, “I told her I love her too.”  Another proud moment for me.  We women probably all have our own stories of when we told a boy we liked or loved them.  And I am sure we all have our own stories of how that turned out.  But I was proud because I knew that little girl thinks the world of my son and I was happy that as she gets older her story about the boy she told she loved will have a great ending.

My son asked me what I thought about that.  This is what I said.  “I think it is great that you could tell her how you felt. Love means many things during our lives.  At your age of 10 it means how you feel right now, you know she is kind and sweet and that is what you love about her.  When you are 16, 25 even 55 when you say those words to someone love will have a different meaning.  But I am very proud of you that you could tell her that you love her.”  He looked at me and said, “I am really surprised because most adults would think saying that wasn’t appropriate, that we are too young.”  I simply said, “Aren’t you lucky, I am your mom.”

We all need to take a lesson from two 4th graders.  When you see kindness acknowledge it. It will make you feel really good but you can’t imagine how powerful your words are for the other person.

Enjoy your small moments in your day! Feel free to share them with us, I would love to hear about kindness and love in our world.


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Life seems to be moving at incredible speed! It's hard some times to pause and appreciate the small moments in life but honestly they are the most precious ones.
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